Monday, July 12, 2010

We are in Taiwan

July 12, 2010
We made it! The flight was uneventful and Rebekka did absolutely wonderful on the plane. Our flight was not close to being full so we were able to get a row of 3 seats, lift the arm rests and lie down and sleep. It was night the entire time we were in the air, which was strange. When we boarded the plane, they served us dinner but it was around 2:00 A.M. it was chicken, mashed potatoes, roll and so on. About 10 hours after that, we were served breakfast. By that time our internal clocks were so messed up that it didn’t really matter. The plane had TV screens in each headrests and had a lot of movies and TV shows to pick from, some were in English some had subtitles.

When we landed we got our luggage and our driver picked us up in a Mercedes Benz, it was really nice and he likes American Baseball. We found him through our agency to take us to the orphanage and our appointments.
It was about 25 minutes to the hotel. The hotel is really nice. When we checked in, they told us that they upgraded our room and man they jumped us up two levels. (Robin P will appreciate this) We are on the top floor in a VILLA. It is called the Imperial Villa and it over looks the city in two directions. It is huge with a full kitchen 2 br & 2 bath and 2 balconies. The view at night is incredible, especially of Taipei 101 (more on that below). Man we scored!

Funny story…..The master bath has a toilet and a bidet; Rebekka thought the bidet was a bathtub for babies!

We ventured out and ate at McDonalds, it was next to a Stone Cold Creamery, Starbucks and Mr. Donut. I’ll give American donuts the thumbs up on this one. We then went to Taipei 101, a mall with 101 floors, yea really. It was the tallest building in the world when it was built. Inside the food court is a KFC, Subway and Dunkin Donuts as well as traditional foods. We went into a 7-11 and it was packed. People were buying soups, dumpling and brown hard-boiled eggs. No one touched the hot dogs that were spinning on that spinning thing. More people spoke English in China than here but it really is not a concern so far.

There are A LOT of mopeds on the streets as well as bicycles. It almost looks fake to see that may mopeds meticulously parked side by side.

The pool inside the hotel is supposed to be heated to 80 degrees but it felt a lot colder than that, maybe because it is inside a/c. Marybeth and Rebekka got in, I couldn’t do it.

See you tomorrow

We are having some e-mail issues. Our account has been disabled for some reason. I’m working on that.


  1. YAY! Glad you made it safely. I know you can't wait to meet your son! If you don't mind sharing...what is the name of your hotel. I am traveling to Taiwan again and yours sounds great!


  2. Dang, you guys really did score. Just be careful of those earthquakes when you are on the top floors. :) We are so excited and can't wait to see more pictures. Hugs!!

  3. Hi- I just stumbled across your blog and am very excited to see you complete your journey to Owen. We brought our daughter Lauren home just 9 months ago. Great news on the hotel:) We loved going to Taipei 101 and eating in the food court. We really liked the soup in the big orange bowl. In fact, we kept our chopsticks and spoon as they said Taipei 101 on them. Enjoy your time in Taiwan. It is such an amazing and special time


  4. Sounds like everything is going smoothly so far! Can't wait for you to finally be with Owen. We also had the noodles in the big orange bowl. They were delicious and made us go back to eat at Taipei 101 a few more times!