Sunday, July 11, 2010

Made it to LA

Rebekka Sleeping at LAX...she was whipped!

Our plane left Orlando 1 hour late but the flight time was 4 ½ hours in lieu of 5 hrs. Rebekka slept for 1 ½ hrs and we caught a few winks also. They showed 2 movies, the first one was with Miley Cyrus “the last song” and the second one was “how to train your dragon”. I read 55 pages of a book I brought, not bad for someone that likes to read the newspaper or magazines. Books not so much.
When we got to LA, we were not prepared for the weather. It is 62 degrees and drizzling. We were going to take a trolley down the coast and / or go swimming. We did neither, just ordered pizza, wings and salad.
It’s amazing to think that the next leg of our trip is to Taipei after a 2 year wait. We are anxious but Rebekka is off the charts.Hope we all sleep on the plane because the flight is 13 hours…. Yikes!

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